Hooded Scarf

I’m looking for a pattern that I don’t even know if it exists. Years ago my mother had a (store-bought) lovely scarf that was designed to also cover your head. The center of the scarf fit on your head much like a bonnet fits, only not bonnet-like. And instead of being a circular piece like a cowl, it had two long arms that functioned exactly like a scarf. It was great in the winter! Now I’m living up here in the north and since I get terrible earaches in the cold wind, I want one. Of course, I haven’t seen one a store since my childhood, and I can’t seem to find a pattern. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Does anyone know of a pattern? Even a pattern for a headpiece that I could modify to add scarf ends would be okay as long as the head part fit like I need it to.

I noticed you are on Ravelry so I went and did a search there for “hooded scarf” and it brough up 4 pages of patterns. Have you check all those already?

Libbie :slight_smile:

How silly of me! I searched Ravelry for scarves, but it never occurred to me to type in ‘hooded scarf’. A rare blonde moment for sure. Thanks!

Interweave has a really nice hooded scarf in the Winter Issue…

I am working on one right now!

Ah, if only my blonde moments were rare…hehe

Funny you posted this because I think I’ve decided that I would rather have a hooded scarf than a matching scarf and hat.

Heres one

Here’s one in my Queue on Ravelry

Found another one

I made this one in Malabrigo a couple of years ago and I LOVE it when I’m out in the snow. It keeps my neck warm AND covers my head. If I get hot, I can just put the hood part down without having to find a place to put a hat.

Doesn’t mess the hair, either.:shifty:

Check out the Harf pattern from the book Intertwined by Kate Burge and Rachel Price. Its on ravelry and in my projects.