Hooded scarf

Just wanted to share this neat pattern for a hooded scarf: http://d-made.com/knitting/patterns/hoodie_scarf.pdf

I would love to make it, but since I haven’t tried my hand at cables yet I will have to wait until I’m ready! Just reading the pattern got me a little confuzzled. :teehee:

That is a cool scarf, however I would have to agree that the pattern is a little confuzzling, seeing as I can’t cable either.

Don’t be afraid of cables, they’re tons of fun and they look more complicated than they are.

The only problem I see with the pattern is that the cables aren’t explained, just given.

My translation:
3/3 Left Cable: Slip 3 sts to cable needle, hold in front of work, K3 from left needle, K3 from cable needle

3/3 Right cable: Slip 3 sts to cable needle, hold in back of work, K3 from left needle, K3 from cable needle.

Amy’s got a cabling video here, towards the middle of the page.

Give it a shot, you’ll love it!

AnreeAce: Thanks for that translation! That was the main issue that had me confused.

Glad I could help!

thank you for posting! I’ve been looking for something like this. Most google searches for hooded scarf patterns end up with that mobius or wimple-type “scarf.”

I have a machine/manufactured hooded scarf where a large scarf was just surged together in the center back for hood. The pattern you have linked is close to the final product I want but seems more labor intensive since you knit-together two scarves with a hood-join. I’m going to have to figure out how to knit half a scarf, join one edge for head length and then continue as a scarf… does that make sense to anyone but me? The important part will be choosing the right join [stitch]. I’m glad to have this pattern though because it gets me in the ballpark.

Yay! Thanks!!

I really like this pattern! I’ve been looking for a hooded scarf pattern that is pretty!

I have already started a scarf with a different cabling pattern… hmm, wondering if I can figure out how to make it work.

The pattern is extremely confusing to me, personally. But if I think I can make this work, I will post questions in the how-to of this site. :smiley:

sign - as far as a regular hooded scarf, I’ve seen several patterns where you just knit a regular scarf, then seam up the middle for several inches and wah-lah! The seamed part is your hood. This makes a pointy hood.

There’s also this scarf from Berroco which is a hooded scarf, and it appears to me that it’s not pointy, and doesn’t look too complicated. Hope that helps!

just an FYI, there’s a KAL for this starting up right now!

Am I reading the original pattern (first post) correctly, this item has a seam at the top (bind-off closure when you get to top of hood)?

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thanks Kristi! Yeah, I’ve looked for those patterns but haven’t found any yet. The one in this thread is the closest I’ve found. I figure I will just make scarf sized in relation to the manufactured one I have (a little narrower, maybe longer, etc.) and seam the back (hood) when scarf done. Thanks for the alternate hooded scarf link too.

ETA: Reply in KAL thread

Yes, it does have a seam. I suppose if you wanted a no-seam look, you could use kitchener stitch instead of a 3 needle BO, but I’m not sure how that would work with the cable.

Just started the knit along here!!

I have a question about this pattern…it gives you a pattern before the cable pattern for left & right scarves. Do you follow that pattern for say, 6 inches, and then start on the cables??

I made this scarf but did Sliver’s scarf instead so if you start a knit along I will gladly help.The "here’’ thread doesn’t work

I have writen the directions out for the first part of pattern for you all.Click on it to enlarge so you can read my chicken scratches:roflhard:.
I did this in between shoveling snow at work awhile ago.Will finish the second half latr tonight.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! My question is, how far do I do those rows until I start cabling???

The cable starts on row 7. On the LEFT scarf side you hold the needle to the FRONT. This will be the first skein you cast on with. The RIGHT scarf side you will hold the needle to the BACK.
CABLE = slip 3 sts to cable needle ,knit 3, knit 3 from cable needle.

Thank You again, I am going to start this tonight!!!

When you write it, it looks so simple. Reading it, it was just confusing. Thanks again!!

If you have any problems just pm me.Glad to help

I’ve looked at this pattern before too, but the instructions are so confusing.

It said to: “With two skeins, CO 26 sts with each skein to work
both scarf sides at the same time on one circular”. How in the world am I going to be knitting both scarf sides at the same time? Please help!

With a circle needle cast on 26 sts with the first skein of yarn this is for the left side fo scarf.Then slip those down on the needle and grab your second skein of yarn and cast on ANOTHER 26 this will be the right side of the scarf.Now just knit as if you were using straight needles.

I took a look at the pattern for this and I was VERY confused. I mean you’re working with two skeins of yarn, each on each end of circular needles? Sorry, I’m a beginner knitter and this seemed too complicated for me, but it does look pretty.