Hooded poncho KAL

Hi everyone! When I saw the pattern for this hooded poncho I started drooling :drool: - I LOVE the baggy hooded sweatshirt look and this poncho is even cooler. :inlove: It is a free pattern & pretty simple, but I’ve never done a big clothing project before so it would be a challenge for me. I can tell already I will need help, advice, etc! Would anyone want to try it with me? :smiley:

The link to the poncho is here.

I know it’s not technically a “spring/summer” project, but here in Seattle we need light jackets & such for evenings & cold days year round. Although I’m willing to postpone it if no one else wants to do it now…

Ooo this look so comfy-cozy!! I wish I could join you…

Do post updates … and pics if you can :wink:

I am so all about this! Could we wait about a week, though?

Yaaaay!! :cheering: I’m soo happy to be able to knit this with someone! I can start whenever you’d prefer. A week sounds good, then I can finish my current project (a small skirt with railroad nov yarn to be worn over pants).

I got a bunch of chunky purplish yarn for this project, since it was on clearance (& I needed a lot), but now I worry that I didn’t get enough. I converted based on yardage (per hank), but I wonder if I should have done it by grams instead :thinking: . What color did you decide on?

I’m looking for a yarn sub as well, but I’m having a bit of a hard time. The Patons Bohemian isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I’m having a hard time find another yarn that has a guage of 8sts =4" or 2 sts= 1". I suppose as a poncho, gauge don’t have to be totally strict, but apprently the Bohemian is super duper plus extra mammoth chunky! Oh well, I’ll find something…and we’ll fight off the Northwestern rain in style! :happydance:

The clearance yarn I got was close to the right gauge but a little different - it advises 3 sts per inch compared to the pattern’s 2 sts per inch (size 11 needles). I think its normal chunky weight and the grams per yard was definitely less (0.9 g/yd versus 1.2 g/yd for the Bohemian). The brand is Classice Elite Yarns “TwoTwo”, 100% highland wool (not sure what “highland” is).

I called the big yarn store (Pasttimes in Auburn) where I got the yarn to ask about converting the yarn, and they said that using a different weight of yarn is no problem, as long as the pattern gauge was followed. The person said to always convert by yardage, not grams (weight) to find out how much of the other yarn to get. I just think this means I’ll probably have to use different size needles (bigger?).

I don’t know from experience, since its my first big pattern :pray: , but i’d guess that you shouldn’t worry about the size of the yarn too much, as long as its not a really big difference :?: .

Knit-alongs are sooo cool!! :happydance:

I’m going to knit this too. How far along are you all? ~Brooke

I actually haven’t started yet :oops: , but I’m planning to start tomorrow or Wednesday (tomorrow is looking to be a busy day). I’m really excited to get to work on it! :happydance:

I’m making a different hooded poncho for my daughter’s teacher. Actually, I’m making her the Berroco Amore Ponshal and the Lion Brand Pretty Poncho (she bought all the yarn and sent it home with my daughter from school). I’ll be starting the hooded one by the weekend, probably. It’s pretty similar (shapewise) to this one you are all doing.

haven’t started yet either…still need the yarn! :doh:

I finally bought my yarn! I found Berocco Duo for a pretty nice price, and given my loose stitch, it’s pretty close in gauge, so when I get it I can finally start!

OK I have mine yarn now too. I’m gonna get started, probably this Thursday. How about you all? ~Brooke

I started a few days ago, and am halfway done with one side so far. Its going well - I started with a few questions about the pattern but I think I figured them out. Specifically, the loop stitch was really hard & tedious until I stopped doing it the way the pattern says and started doing it Amy’s way (in her video). That works so much better! I let the yarn for the loop slide down to my fingertip (right thumb), which I pressed against the right needle so the yarn didn’t slide all the way off - this made slightly smaller loops, which seemed to look better (& used less yarn).

Unfortunately, I think I’m going to be using at least 150 more yards than the pattern says, maybe because the weight of my yarn is slightly different (chunky vs. bulky), although I’ve been told that shouldn’t affect yardage. My gauge is correct, & I also altered the pattern to be slightly smaller, casting on 2 less stitches & adjusting the rest of the pattern accordingly, so if anything I should be using less yarn. I was in a bit of a panic :shock: for a couple days until I found more of my yarn, since the original YS was out & the first 15 places I called didn’t carry that style at all. Its a different lot number, but the color looks the same (whew :oops: ). My yarn is Classic Elite, Two-Two (chunky wool).

I’ve also noticed the strange phenomena discussed in the thread What the heck? , where one side of the V’s in stockinette are not slanted but almost vertical. It’s the first time I’ve experienced this, and I heard it happens with certain yarns, but I’m not concerned - vertical lines will only make it more flattering! :wink:

Well, I’ve finished one side, but its way too long! (at least for what I wanted - not almost down to my knees :shock: ). I may have interpreted the pattern wrong, where it says “work 3 rows even” - that normally means to keep working the stitch pattern (in this case stockinette st) with no increases or decreases. Then the pattern says to repeat the last 4 rows (the first row with 2 decreases & the 3 rows even) until there is 75 stitches. That would mean repeating those 4 rows 7 times (2 decreases on the first row only).

For the other side, I’m trying it a different way (not what the pattern says, but maybe its wrong :?? ). For the “3 rows even” I’m purling the first, then repeating the row before with the decreases, then purling another row. That means I only repeat those 4 rows 3 times (after the first set of 4), to get down to 75 stitches. So far, from what I can estimate, it looks like the finished product will be about the length I want (a normal sweatshirt length, more like what is in the picture).

I was also using more yarn than the pattern called for (in yards), so this alteration would solve that mystery too. I don’t know how often patterns are wrong, if ever…

I’ll let you all know how it turns out! :smiley:

why isn’t my yarn here yet? :crying: I wanna start!

I just got my yarn today (yay!) but I realized that I undercalculated the yardage I would need for the sub yarn by 140 yards. Since this is turning out to be monstrous for you, do you think I will be okay?

In any case, I did the loops, which frustrated me as well until I watched Amy’s video. Ahh, that Amy. It should be pretty easy from here. I love my yarn, so that will make it appealing towork on nomatter what, right?

So how are you doing with it now, jessmoor?

I HAVE to knit this!!! thinking in a pretty fall autumn goldish/brownish color!!! lol…

I have a sickness I think…is there help available??? lol…house is falling down, and all I want to do is sit and knit… :XX: :XX: :XX:

HeatherFeather, use this color! It’s so gorgeous and it’s on sale for $33/bag at WEBS (yarn.com)…I’m loving this yarn!

ooo…what kind of yarn? color? so I can go shopping!! lol… :heart: thanks for the heads up!! :slight_smile:

is it the Berroco duo you mentioned in a previous post? :slight_smile:

Yes, it is the Berrocco Duo in shade Nero, number 3234. Yum yum yum!!!