Hood on jacket

Hi I am new on this site and would value your help .I am knitting a jacket for my daughter I am now on the hood and my problem is this ;I have 52 sts . It says dec 2sts at beg of next row RS row 3 times making 46 sts on needle how do you do that please .

I could be wrong so maybe someone else will chime in but I think it means you’re going to knit 6 more rows…at the beginning of every wrong side row (WS) you are going to work two decreases. Your pattern should say what decreases to use. So you’ll knit your wrong side with the two decreases…then knit your right side (RS)…then you’re at the beginning of you WS again and do your two decreases and finish that row…then to the RS and do that. That brings you to the third WS row, you’ll do those two last decreases and when you finish that row you’ll have 46 sts.

What pattern are you using? Can you link to it?