Hood on a raglan cardigan

I am making a raglan-style cardigan and want to attach a hood. The “raglan” shoulders have 2 “columns” of stocking stitch on each side (the shoulder seams).

How should I continue this (or discontinue this) on the hood pattern?

I could suddenly end the shoulder-seam pattern and switch to plain stitch on the hood, which might look strange if the hood was being worn (but ok if the hood was off & draped on the back).

I want to continue the hood in the same stitch pattern, in coloured stripes, as the rest of the knitting.

What would you suggest, o helpful forum?

I’m not sure about that, but hope someone will.

Just had an idea: Instead of knitting horizontally (parallel to the collar) I could knit to frame the face of the hood? Totally ignore the raglan and make a seam where the hood joins.

Who’s tried this, or has a pattern? Your assistance will be much appreciated (and will save me hours of decision-making… I’m not too good at it!)