Hood insert

I’m working a pattern I’m not understanding here’s what it says HOOD INSERT
Cast on 15 stitches, 2 rows of moss sts.
Then, stockinette sts till 11cm from the cast on edge, end in p row.
Then next row, k1, ssk, k till 3 before last, k2tog, k1.
Then, p row.
Repeat last 2 rows 3 times more (7 sts), BO k wise.
Attach the hood insert to the main hood facing right side together, using tapestry

What is a hood insert where do I join it on the hood it self. I’ve never made a hood with a hood insert and honestly I’ve come to far to stop now. I desperately need help

Welcome to KH. What pattern is this from? and who is the designer? It appears that the hood insert is a piece that will be sewn to the hood. I can’t tell what the piece(s) it will attach to will be. I wonder if it’s a piece that will go over the top of the head and down the back and sewn to the sides of the hood.

Welcome to the forum!
Maybe this pattern:

It looks just as GG describes, an insert or gusset along the top of the hood between the two halves.
You can see it a bit better in this project, the second photo.