Honeymoon cami question

Hello everyone! I am just starting my first garment (other than socks), and need a little bit of help. The pattern for the honeymoon cami says for the twisted eyelet border “multiple of 3,” and then has the directions for rounds 1-12. Does this mean that I do rounds 1-12 three times to make one repeat of the border pattern? I haven’t quite gotten all of the ins and outs of pattern reading yet. :oops: any help is much appreciated.
If anyone has made this top and has any suggestion or comments on what gave them trouble, or what to watch out for, I would be forever grateful for your help. I am knitting it on size 8 needles, with The Southwest Trading Company Bamboo yarn, Sahara. I can’t wait to get knitting, the gauges were so much fun, and turned out so well! Thanks again for any help!
~ Chelsea

It sounds to me like the twisted eyelet uses a multiple of 3 stitches, so that if you wanted to change the pattern to make it larger or smaller, you need to make sure that you use a multiple of 3, that’s all. It doesn’t indicate that you need to do the pattern 3 times.

That is kind of what I was thinking, after looking at the photo with the pattern, but I wanted to ask some more experienced knitters. :notworthy: Thank you so much for your reply Ingrid! :happydance:
~ Chelsea


Agreed! I have made this cami before, but mine came out much too large for moi.

So did mine!

So did mine![/quote]

Glad I am not alone! I even did my guage for it. Thinking of ripping it out now because it’s been about two years since I made it.

So did mine![/quote]

Glad I am not alone! I even did my gauge for it. Thinking of ripping it out now because it’s been about two years since I made it.[/quote] I think it’s been that long for me too, but I’ve been fantasizing about just sewing up the sides and taking some in. At this point I don’t care about the seams I just want to wear it! I don’t think the yarn I chose could take frogging - it has a rayon wrap that snags.

Oh no! It sounds like the size has been a pretty big problem. Mine is looking like the right size so far, but I only have the border done. I had a super hard time getting the gauge, so I just had to go with the one that came closest to the one the pattern recommeded. For those of you who had it turn out too big, did it look like it was going to be big when you were working on it, or is it kind of hard to tell with this pattern? I have heard that bamboo yarn doesn’t frog well, so I don’t want to have it turn out wrong and end up not wearing it… :doh:
~ Chelsea

It was the first top I knit, so I’m not sure if I tried it on or not as I was knitting it. I just remeasured it and it was spot-on gauge, it’s just baggier than it should be. Guess it would have helped to know that I should have picked a size for negative ease if I wanted it to fit. So I should have gone down a size.

Also the diagram isn’t entirely accurate. Notice the way the side nearest the photographer pooks out at her hip? Yeah, her decreases were a little too close together. It’s not as gently decreasing toward the waist as the diagram would lead you to believe. If it fit more snugly, this might not be an issue.