Honeycomb stitch - Bergere de France

Hey, I’m having a problem 100% grasping this Bergere de France pattern where it uses honeycomb stitch.

For the honeycomb the pattern says:

Row1: 2CR, 2CL repeat to end
Row2: pearl
Row3: 2CL, 2CR
Row4: pearl

(Right cross = CR, left cross = CL

2CR = knit into front of 2nd stitch on needle, then into front of 1st stitch.

2CL = knit into back of 2nd stitch on needle, then into front of 1st stitch.)

Does anyone know if it is a straightforward as just knitting into the second stitch (front or back depending on row) then knitting the first stitch while the second is still on the needle and pulling them both off at the same time? Or would you pull both off and cross them (twist the stitches so the second is in front and first behind) put them back on the needle and knit them from there?

Any help on how you would approach this or links to a video would be appreciated!


Welcome to the forum!
Yes, as you say, knit into the 2nd stitch and then into the first stitch before taking both off the needle.
This is a slightly different way to do the right twist that works very well.

Perfect! Thank you! The right twist video helped so much, I was knitting fully into the second stitch rather than the very front of it which was why it was looking wrong, so thank you for the reply :woot: