Honeycomb/Mosaic pattern help

Hi everyone!

I recently came across a pattern that matches a blanket one of my friends has, and I’ve been wanting to make a new one for her. However, the directions aren’t very clear to me, and I was hoping someone might be able to help clarify.

The pattern is here: http://lanahobby.blogspot.com/2011/01/stitch-pattern-of-mosaic-knitting-with.html

I’m stuck on the Row 6 instructions. I’ve dropped the stitch, unraveled the appropriate rows, and picked up the stitch from the lower row. But I’m not sure how to pick that stitch up while going behind the loose strands and then catch the 4 loose strands behind that stitch. It really has me confused.

Any help yould be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Pick up the stitch from the lower row with the tip of the left needle and at the same time catch the 4 strands of yarn on that same left needle. Now knit the stitch and the 4 other loops. That’ll catch them behind the knit stitch.
I’ve also done this by slipping this stitch in each of the 4 preceding rows. That also gives the look of more complicated color work when it’s really knitting entire rows with one color.

Thanks for your reply, salmonmac!

I’m tryign that out, and somehow I’m still not getting the result. I might need to play around with it a bit. I have never done a project with dropping stitches/picking up stitches from earlier rows, so I think that my hangup just might be with inexperience there.

When you say “knit the stitch and the other 4 loops,” how do I knit the loops? the only way I’m able to do that adds stitches to my count, rather than knitting a vertical row up the work.

Sorry to be confusing, I meant knit the 5 loops that are on the needle (the stitch from the lower row and the 4 loops from the dropped stitches) together as one stitch. Try it out a bit, as it sounds like you’re doing, until it looks right to you.

I think I’m getting it! Thanks again for your help!