HoneyComb Cowl Pattern Questions


Hi. :grinning: I having trouble with this pattern here on raverly https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-honeycomb---the-cowl-neckwarmer
I think it might have errors in the pattern itself. It says to repeat rounds 2-25 but i think it should be 10 to 25 :thinking:

I also had to rip back afew rounds because repeating the round 10 to 25 for 2 more time was way too much rounds.:disappointed:

By the picture of the cowl it should just be 5 rounds of cable but how does a person do the last round of cable before changing color so that it is like the picture?

What do you think i should do?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Definitely seem like errors in the pattern. I agree with your pick-ups. The repeat should be rows 10-25 and it looks like one more repeat of the pattern or 2 repeats total.

If you repeat rows 10-25 you’ll end with 7 rows of knit and that will finish off the main body of the cowl. Then change color for the rib.
You might message the designer or website to let them know. It looks like a couple of the Rav projects have commented on the same problems.