Honeycomb cowl patter question: yo-st only? Help!

Hello everyone! Here’s the first two rows of the pattern I’m working with:

Row 1: Sl1Pwyib *K1. yo. Sl1Pwyib. Rep from * to last st. K1
Row 2: Sl1Pwyib. K1. * Sl1Pwyib yo-st only. Rep from * to end of row.

I just learned what a yarn over (yo) is and I was wondering if someone could explain what it means in Row 2 to “yo-st only”

If you can point me to a video that would be even better!

Thanks so much, this is such an awesome community!! <3

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I think it means you purl in the back of the stitch, but only when you come to stitches where you did a yarn over on the previous row. I’m assuming some of the other stitches you’ll be purling won’t be yarn overs, so you’ll likely be purling those as normal.

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