Honeycomb brioche dropped stitch

So I was working the pattern involving the honeycomb brioche stitch. I just finished row 4 and started back on row 1. I realized I knit below a stitch when it should have been a regular knit stitch, went back to try and take it off, dropped it, and I am now not sure how to pick it up. I grabbed my loop with a red clasp to hold for now, and I have 3 bars across. Almost seems like 1 in front (right side), and maybe two on the other? Any advice?

This is a video for brioche stitch in 2 colors but the idea is similar. You’ll have to alternate pulling through after 2 loops (the knit one below) with pulling through one (the k1). Since you caught the mistake early (good going!) you don’t have very many sts to repair. You’ll know that you have it correctly done when you see the pattern on the front.

It’s such a pretty stitch but one that really requires frequent lifelines.
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