Honey pullover

The handsome model is my husband, but the recipient is my son-in-law for his birthday next month. The yarn is Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Honey and the pattern is the man’s pullover at the Lion Brand site.

Very nice - you did a great job. Your husband looks so good in it - you should make him one too.

That looks really nice! Great job! :cheering:

He was my mannequin for this as I was almost sure the sleeves in the pattern were too short (a whoppin’ 5 1/2 inches too short.) He tried it on for me on Friday to check the sleeve length and said, “You did a great job on the sweater, but I [B]hate[/B] the color.” So, we definitely aren’t going to make him this color! :lol:

What I am going to do is use the original pattern, which has stripes and make him an orange, black and white one as he is a big Tony Stewart fan.

Oh, and thanks a lot btw!

Very nice job! It really turned out great!

That looks great! Congrats.

Very nice. My hubby would look so good in that color, too bad he won’t wear sweaters though.:??

And mine will wear sweaters and not that color! :lol: Thanks

It looks great. Awesome job.

Great job! :balloons:

I can tell you one thing for sure: your son-in-law will love it and wear it! It is a warm color, and the style is not fussy. It can be dressed up, or worn more casually! With an off-white or cream open neck shirt and heather brown slacks…or with stonewashed black jeans…it will WORK FOR HIM!


PS: and we all agree with you: your husband [I][B]IS HANDSOME! [/B][/I]

Thank you for the nice thoughts and though I think he is adorable, I could care less what he looks like. He is an incredibly wonderful man who chose me to be his wife and after 34 years I still find myself immensely lucky.