Homestar and Strong Bad

This is something I thought I could introduce you all to, if you’ve not heard of it before. Its g rated online cartoony goodness, and SO hilarious. DH and I wait for the new episode everyweek. I think theres a podcast too.

You have to watch some “Sbemails” if you visit the site.
Hope you get a chuckle out of it.


I was addicted to Homestarrunner a few years ago (i don’t actually know if it’s even been around for “a few years” :teehee:, but you know what I mean)…way back before the sbemails got past 15 or so. Loved every part of that site…but eventually I got bored with it. I should check it out again!

I have a Teen Girl Squad t-shirt, but I can’t find it. :verysad:

Homestarr’s been around a few years for sure…at least since 2003, possibly 2002 or even 2001. (I can remember the desk I was sitting at the first time I saw it, but I lived n the same dorm room my freshman and sophomore year, so it could’ve been anytime in that 2 year range. :teehee:)

Dude… it’s all about the Lightswitch Rave… lol

I first saw it in 2003 and it wasn’t brand new then. :teehee: I’ve watched every cartoon on that site since and check it every week. :cough: I also have four t-shirts, a Trogdor bumper sticker, and the stuffed The Cheat that yells when you hit it. :oops:

It’s gotta be at least 2000…well, maybe not. I thought I knew about it before Justin and I were together, but it was probably 2001. I :heart: Trogdor!

A friend of mine got me watching Strong Bad’s emails a few years back. Most (if not all) of the “episodes” have little easter eggs that pop up if you click around in the right spots.


Yep! My brother first introduced me to it around sbemail 10 I think! If you look in the shop, they have kids clothes, one thing is a set of jammies with the poop smith, and with baby trogdor. My baby is totally gonna be stylin in those someday.