What is your opinion of homespun? I used it to make a baby blanket from the lion brand website and the yarn kept bunching up on me! But the blanket is almost done…just the border left now…so tell me, what do you think?

I’ve made several projects using Homespun: a keyhole scarf, and two hats. They’ve worked out fine, but none of them are blanket size.

The yarn does bunch up, but can be minimized if you use larger needles - 11 and up, and keep a loose tension.

I crocheted a large afghan with it – using a fairly large hook – and I thought it was wonderful to work with. I do work with my yarn loosely – both crocheting and knitting – and it worked up very fast for me!

I had several skeins left over and I’m working on a throw for myself.

I’m not sure how it works with knitting; I just felt like throwing in my two cents. :wink:

I love how it feels in the finished project, and when using larger needles or hooks have not had any problem with bunching. But if I try to use a smaller needle or hook, I have no end of troubles. Talk about a major headache.

Then just always use the larger size with. You can follow a pattern written for size 9 or 10, but use size 11. If it’s an afghan or scarf, don’t CO as many sts; if it’s a sweater, make a smaller size.

I’ve used it for scarves and loved it. It knits fast and feels great, so soft! And I love the way it looks, even just in garter stitch

I’ve used it once. I think it’s evil.

Mason, it IS evil! It HATES me!

To me honest, if the only yarn available was Homespun, I’d become a painter. :teehee:

Haha Ingrid, that is so funnY!!

Funny, Ingrid! :rofl:

I bought a few skeins as some of the first yarn I used when I began knitting…and I didn’t care for it at all. Thankfully, I only have two skeins of it now…not sure what I will do with it - maybe some charity knitting as it at least comes up nice and soft when it’s knitted…

But I sure won’t buy it again.

I’m a big fan of Homespun. Have made several full sized afghans using it. It’s so soft and warm. When you finish the afghan make sure to machine wash and dry. Helps it “get it’s shape”

I absolutely refuse to knit with it anymore! I made a beautiful scarf out of it and two fast-finish throw blankets that came out very nice looking. However, the bunching, squeaking and tangling mid-skein just made the whole process of knitting with it an exercise in frustration. I had quite a few skeins of it and I gave them to my mom!

You know, I really wanted to hate Homespun; I technically learned how to crochet 20 years ago, but really only picked it up last year, and I’ve only been knitting since around Christmas… (and I can’t stop!) and while I tend to have a problem seeing my stitches and therefore where to put my needles, it’s got an interesting texture and in my opinion is so much cooler/nicer/lays better than chenille or bouclé. Don’t even get me started on Light & Lofty… I made a great bulky beret out of some I’d gotten for free (that hat everyone’s wearing this season in Philly), but it’s just so CHEAP.

I get why so many people hate Homespun, but I kinda dig it.

Homespun’s not so bad if you use larger size needles on it. 11s are good.

I’m a great fan of natural fibres, but I’ve made a few hats from Homespun, and liked it quite a lot. My only problem with it is that it is not available locally.

I haven’t used it myself, but I have heard that when you use it for fringe it tends to fray. I made a Lion Brand throw on size 50 needles and it called for Homespun, but I used Patons Shetland Chunky instead because of all of the negative comments I heard.

Homespun is so soft and comes in such pretty colors. But, I won’t buy anymore… why? Because if I’m going to go to all the work to knit something I want to [I]SEE[/I] my beautiful stitches or the pattern. I actually don’t like to use any fuzzy, boucle, or puffy yarns for that reason.

That being said, if YOU like it then go for it!

I like the texture of the yarn but I find it difficult to work with. The running thread throughout the yarn gets caught with almost every stitch. If you can tolerate it and be patient, it really creates a beautiful project.