Homespun Yarn

LOL! About the homespun/homemade/handspun thing…I once walked into a yarn shop a couple cities away. I asked if there was anything homespun available and the lady had no clue; thought I was talking about lion brand.I then corrected myself, “No, I mean homespun as in personally spun by local people at home?”

-_- I still got “No, we don’t carry lion brand.” I kept my palm face to myself and walked away in embarrassment of the situation.

:roflhard: Maybe Lion Brand “homespun” should be given another name to stop the confusion.

I made a sweater for my daughter out of LB Homespun and she LOVED it. She has been begging me to make another as she grew out of it. Yarn is a personal thing. Don’t worry if not everyone likes it, only your opinion really matters.