Homespun Yarn

I got some yarn on discount called I believe Homespun… in this candy apple colors of green. I think its the band, I saved it but saved a bunch of others…pretty sure this is it.

Well I have been trying without success to knit with this yarn. Its bumpy and stretchy and I seem to knit so tight with it its insane. I am usually a loose crafter. Or to guage. I tried the elongated stitch with it… with a 7 8 9 and 10 and a half needle. I am assuming I need a bigger needle to do this.

I did the EL Stitch in some worsted to see the method and see it wraps and comes out in little bundles, but I cant get the same bundles to form with this…its soooo tight. I cant seem to make it looser, seems the elasticness of the yarn keeps it tight.

Any help?

Also… ever get a readlly bad skein of yarn with lots of knots and tie togethers… meaning someone tied the uarn together… Yes I started the skein right. But got this real expensive Boule bumpy yarn and it was a mess…had to make all these little balls to salvage it… not the same yarn as above.

thanks ahead

Use an 11 or 13 needles and it’s best to use simple stitches with it. Stockinette, garter, rib, basketweave or a YO pattern.

Some yarns have a lot of knots in them, whether cheap or expensive. If there’s more than about 3 in skein, contact the manufacturer about it (not the store you bought it from). They usually want to know about quality issues.

Many knitters find that although Homespun is pretty in the store, it’s a beast to work with. I won’t ever use it again.

Others, though, like it.

I guess it’s a good thing that there are soooo many yarns out there to choose from.

Glad I read this… I have been eyeing up homespun for quite some time… I may hold off on trying it for a bit!

ive used homespun. some. but i never used less than a US13 on it. it is pretty knitted up and washes and dries well. Just wouldnt use a small needle on it.

I used the homespun on a 10.5 needles I believe. I just did a scarf in a basket garter stitch. It turned out pretty but, I had to keep bunching it up in some spots cause it would un ravel… hope that makes sense.

Homespun is sometimes easy to use. Other times, it gets tangled on itself and just will not straighten back out. I only rarely use it, and usually hold another yarn together with it, to help keep it in line.