Homespun yarn question

[color=blue]Good Afternoon all. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Totaled my truck Wednesday so it looks like I will be out of work for a few days. Will have time to knit though! Has anyone used Homespun brand yarn to make socks? I have several skeins and it is so soft, thought I might give it a try. Thanks so much! :XX:

southern maine[/color]

Glad you are OK, and looking at the mess from the “bright side”…:slight_smile:

there is a lot of debate out there about homespun…most not great…lol…but it is used SOOOO much!!!1

I personally wouldn’t use it for socks…it frays so much, and it is VERY thick and warm…with it not being a natural fiber, I’d be afraid, you’d just sweat those little piggies off your feet…

it really gets fuzzy, and it sometimes is hard to see the stiches since it is so bumpy…anything smaller than a size…oh…what maybe 9 needle would be too small imo.

it IS tempting tho…maybe some slippers that you don’t mind fuzzing up?

Maybe it would be okay for socks to just keep your feet warm in the house, but since I haven’t used it I don’t know how it would hold up. My stepmom is making me an afghan out it and I think it will be nice and soft for that.

I think it might be ok for slipper socks, too, but much too thick for socks to be worn with shoes.

Based on my experience with it, I would ix-ney the socks, and maybe even slippers. That said, I did buy a skein this weekend at Joanns to make a scarf for a friend - she doesnt like wool, and she likes BEIGE. Unfortunately they didnt have that lovely bernat denim stuff in the beige colorway which is what I was looking for.

The other thing about acrylic is that it doesn’t stay nice after many washings (I have had my share of acrylic baby blankets and eventually it gets what I call “sticky”) so that is another reason to shy away from socks. I agree that it would make a good scarf, though.

[color=blue] :waving: thanks to all for your replies. I was just thinking of house socks lol. Something to throw on after a long day in nylons and heals… ahhhhh.

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I did this last Christmas! I made slipper socks with some left-overs. Jan and Ingrid are, as usual, correct! :notworthy: Serious warmth factor and too fluffy for shoes. Plus, it is super slippery on hard-wood floors! :shock: My kids loved them!

If you do this… choose your pattern carefully! It will work but not with just any pattern.

good luck, Angela

Ix-nay on the socks. Maybe for the MaryJane slippers on Craftster, but I’ve made an afghan and attempting Martha’s poncho but for the most part I do not enjoy knitting with it.

If you make slippers with it, use some Tulip Slick paint to put some squiggles and swirls on the bottom to make them nonskid :smiley:

Also good for any slipper sock (felted, etc.)

[color=blue]Hmmmm I think I will take the advice of the more experienced knitters and use a different type of yarn… I made DAH some out of cashmere… :heart: so soft.

Thanks again!

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Totally agree!

I am currently making my daughter a poncho with the stuff. Its really nice and soft but its FUZZY. It would probably make great slippers for around the house.

ack, I HATE lion homespun. I can’t seem to keep it from splitting, and the lumps make it impossible to see the stitches (IMO!!!) The colors are SO nice though, that for some reason I thought that I could overlook how much I hated knitting with it and concentrate on the purty colors. I have a ton of the colonial blue and corinthian for sale (still!) on this thread if anyone is interested (I’m negotiable on the price, too, I just want to get this out of my house!)