Homespun yarn fraying

I am currently knitting a scarf for a friend and I am using a few different colors of Lion Brand Homespun yarn and it seems to be fraying every time I change colors. Anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this and make sure that the scarf I am making doesn’t end up being one big mess?

Homespun is notoriously hard to work with. Not sure what size needles you’re using, but maybe trying a larger one would help.

If it’s the end that frays, I tied a knot in them to keep the strands from unraveling, then wove them in afterward.

Hi, fellow texan-i’m from san antonio. the way to handle homespun is like another person said, tie a knot in the end and either untie it or clip it off when you weave the ends in. linknit41

How bout using frey check on the ends? That’s what someone suggested to me at my LYS. It’s worth a try.

I hate to say this but Homespun is hands down the worst yarn I ever worked with. it frays badly and doesn’t wash well. I made a poncho once for my daughter, had the same problem with the ends. I did knot them but that was only the start of my issues with homespun. I’ll NEVER use it again.

My suggestion is that if you haven’t gotten far on the project, chose another yarn!!!

Yup, tying the ends together and weaving them in (they still fray though) or using fray check (never tried that) is all I’ve ever heard of for it. It IS hard to work with, it does fray terribly and it doesn’t wash well. I’m with those who have chosen never to use it again. It’s so soft and comes in beautiful colors, but to me just isn’t worth using it to me.

My problem with Homespun is not a fraying problem. Not sure how to describe the problem. I started a prayer shawl with Homespun. As I’m knitting, the yarn is bunching up on the cord (not sure how to describe it). I have to take the yarn and pull the strands so tit’s on the cord evenly. Anyone else have this problem with the yarn? What’s a good yarn for a prayer shawl? Thanks to all. I’m a new member as of today.

That’s normal for Homespun and one of the reasons people don’t like it. You have to hold it loosely to minimize the bunching up, and using a larger needle - an 11 or 13 helps.

Most prayer shawls do seem to be made with homespun, but you can use any soft cushy yarn. RH has some yarns similar to homespun, Light and Lofty is one of them I think. Caron Simply soft, I Love This Yarn, Vanna’s choice would work well.

Thanks SuzeeQ for the quick response. Very helpful! I will restart the project with a different yarn and needles. Thanks so much for the advice