Homespun substitute?


I was all set to order some Lion brand Homespun yarn to make a prayer shawl. I really love the colors. Unfortunately, I keep reading how difficult it is to work with so now I’m not sure I want to start down that path. Is there a better varigated yarn with a wide selection of pretty colors that is easier to use for a prayer shawl? I know we all like different things, but I’m not real familiar with yarns yet so any help would be much appreciated!

I frankly don’t understand this fascination with prayer shawls made with Homespun. Having said that, I’m about six inches from completing a prayer shawl made with Homespun for my daughter’s church. Suffice it to say I don’t think I want to make another using that yarn. I had to switch from circulars to straight needles because the yarn was constantly getting caught. If my daughter’s church wants another prayer shawl from me they’re going to have to allow yarn other than HS!

I think a nice substitute would be Lion Brand Jiffy. It’s acrylic, Bulky weight, feels like mohair, and works up nicely. There are lots of pretty solid colors, but I’m not sure about the variegated. I know there are some, but not in the same range as HS.


I’ve actually made a few prayer shawls with homespun, and although I can’t say I love working with it, the shawls did come out well. I even kept one, and I use it at night, and it is sort of … comforting. That being said, I completely understand the desire to use something else. You could try KP suri alpacas - either the regular or hand-dyed. It’s super soft and is bulky at least. It is a little sticky if you try to frog it though - I know because I did it at least 3 times with mine :aww:

Hope that helps.

I am currently making my self a lapghan out of grape homespun and I don’t really find it all that bad to work with. From what I hear the key is to use larger size needles, I am using size 11 takumi needles and it is fine so far. The yarn does bunch up on it self every now and then but it is not a big deal to me.

I am currently making a baby blanket out of the lemonade homespun and I have not had any problems with it yet the only think I can say is you have to tie a knot at the end of the yarn so it doesn’t unravel

You can work on homespun easier with larger needles - 11s or bigger. It’s less likely to split and you can see the stitches better. It is very soft and cuddly.