Homespun Scarf

Another scarf done (after the holidays I plan to do bigger stuff) for a present. This was dead easy, knit in garter stitch in Lion Brand homespun and took an evening. More detail info in my blog. I love the color, but not sure if it’s right for the recipient, I am currently doing another in a blue/green color too, I will be asking your opinion on which seems best later. Anyway here’s a picture of the scarf.

Love the quick jobs. It looks earthy and warm.

Well, that’s quite pretty! I’m one of those Homespun fans.

Which color is this? Are you gonna add fringe? (Maybe not if it’s for a guy!)

I like it and think it makes a great Christmas gift! :thumbsup:


I like it! I am doing one right now on size 13’s, I think I cast on 15 widthwise, not lengthwise like you did, but next time I might try that!!!

That looks very comfy & warm :smiley: ! I did an afghan for my MIL in homespun last Christmas…that baby knit up in a few short days :wink:

Very pretty color you chose!

Thanks guys. There are times when a fast knit is fantastic, such quick gratification!

Homespun, I’m pretty sure that I won’t be adding a fringe (unless the recipient changes…). As for the color, I’m not completely sure since it was from a bag of ‘mill ends’ that I got as a bargain, but I’m pretty sure that it is “Creole”. Hope that helps, here’s another picture, which makes it look a completely different color…

LOVE it… currently making a project in the Homespun and like it.

It’s beautiful, and I love the color. I’ve done two Christmas gift scarves in Homespun, using sz 19 needles, and holding two strands of yarn together. They’re so soft and squishy. :mrgreen:

I like that color great job!! :cheering:

I made a wrap in the exact color a few years ago! Nice job!

Very nice! :thumbsup:

Oooh, cozy loveliness! Homespun is sooo soft–the recipient should be pleased indeed! :thumbsup:

It looks so comfy…I’m sure the recipient will be thrilled!

Very nice!

I’d make that for my dad if they had this yarn in Israel. May be I’ll find something simular. He’d love a scarf like that for the long Syracuse winter.

It looks so warm and soft!! :thumbsup: