Homespun scarf

I am just starting my 3rd knitting project and bought Lion Brand homespun yarn to knit a scarf for my sister. I am wondering if anyone knows of a pattern that will be good for this type of yarn?


Just be aware the Homespun tends to unravel. You may want to tie a knot at the ends.

Sorry, I meant Lion Brand Homespun

Hi nu2nit!

Lion Brand Homespun was my first yarn to knit with…it was very hard to knit with for me, but I ended up making a nice wide garter stitch scarf that turned out great!

I know some people like to do a bias stitch scarf with it as well…

I wish it was easier to knit with though…I still have some skeins laying around and just get frustrated when I knit with it…I think maybe I need more experience! :slight_smile:

You could do a simple garter stitch, or basketweave st - k5,p5 over 30 sts for 5 rows, then reverse, p5,k5. Any stitch pattern gets lost in the fluff. Also, it’s a good idea to knit it on size 11s and don’t hold the yarn too tightly.

I have used this yarn alot, you have to experiment with different needles … for me a slippery metal needle works best on this yarn… one easy scarf that is perfect is size 11 needles… cast on 15 stitches and then just knit… it is really soft and the perfect width …also I have done the “drop stitch” … just knit a 4-5 rows and then do a drop stitch row.
I think they call it the elongated stitch on this KH video…
that scarft is not as warm because it is open… but really pretty.

I’ve knitted with Lion Brand’s Homespun and found that it doesn’t show off too many stitches because of the boucle texture in the yarn, so I’ve just used garter stitch as well as what Pat suggested, the drop stitch (“elongated stitch”). My humble advice is to keep it simple with LB’s Homespun, and losana’s advice is very good–it does tend to unravel at the ends if you’re thinking about doing fringe, so make sure you knot the ends, or you can even do a crochet edging instead of fringing.

I, too, have done the drop stitch with Homespun and it came out rather pretty.


I made a throw out of LB’s Homespun. It’s very pretty to look at, but as soon as you get underneath it to begins to shed and slough off fuzzballs.
Maybe a scarf would be better though…

They have free patterns on the Lion Brand website I go there aal the time. you can get patterns for all the lion brand yarns there. Good luck and keep on knittin:)

I JUST STARTED AS VEST WITH THIS. I AM WONDERING IF IT WILL SNAG EASY?? I just went and bought two skeins of a dfoferent yarn to start over with, and now I am having second thoughts?? Any suggestions??

Does anyone have an opinion on this, please??

I don’t see where it would snag unless you knit it really loosely. Is that the word you mean?

You know, the throw that I knit was done on HUGE needles (35 I think). If it was done on average size needles, it would probably be just fine.