Homespun bulky pattern help!

So I’m making a table runner for my boyfriend and he bought the yarn for it. He got the homespun bulky weight. I have no idea how to make this more creative than stockinette or garter stitch. Anyone have any experiences or idea with this yarn that could maybe help!? thanks!!

That’s about the best thing for a textured yarn. You could try a basket weave type st though - k5 p5 for 5 rows, then switch and p5 k5 for 5 rows. Or use k6 p6 for 6 rows. But a yarn like this looks best in a plain stitch.

I was thinking the same thing…most table runner patterns I’ve seen use stockinette stitch in the middle with a garter stitch border all the way around. It gives a nice “finished” look.

hth, knitcindy

Yeah I started it and I’m just doing it all in garter stitch with a black border … this yarn is awful though… keeps falling apart and is unequal the whole way through… I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be though… :\ I might end up starting over and doing stockinette in the middle gray area because the intarsia keeps me moving my balls of yarn around every row haha. plus I really dislike garter stitch. I think it’s ugly (in my opinion)

It looks as if you’re working with a yarn that has no “give” or “spring” to it. What brand of yarn/fiber content is this bulky stuff he brought home?

thx; always interested to learn about more yarns!


It’s Lion’s homespun yarn. It’s best worked on size 11 needles with a loose tension, btw.

OK, the Lion Brand Homespun. I have worked with that, at least in its regular weight, and the only way I could get it to behave was to double-strand it with a worsted and use size 15s (10 mm).

For a table runner, though, the double-stranding would be awfully thick; I was making a neck scarf for a community service project where protection from the cold is paramount. Is the table runner just for deco, or will tableware be placed on it? If it’s too thick, the tableware will probably wobble on the double-stranding…


yeah, lion brand… and it is not making me happy. i’ve never been to happy with lion brand yarn. and im using 10 and a half size needles with a loose tension, so looks like i’m doing things right there :slight_smile:

it’s going to be for a chest that has a tv on it. he wants something to keep the tv from scratching the chest. im not double stranding either. only thing that i am worried about is that it might be a little too slippery :\

If you can double-strand with something containing wool, you’ll find that there’s a little more “grab” to the finished item. Agreed, the “Homespun” (now [I]there’s[/I] a misleading brand name) is slithery as all get-out.

The TV set should certainly weigh a thick item down! Maybe this is your chance to use up some scraps of wool-containing yarns?


I’m horribly allergic to wool haha. Even picking up a skein at the store to see if it has wool in it makes my hands red and itchy… Which limits things a lot with certain types of projects

Oh, very sorry about the wool allergy! Maybe this idea will help…

A couple of months ago, I purchased one skein each of the Lion Brand organic/recycled cotton yarns not available at Joann’s. I also lifted up and “checked” (tee hee) the Lion Brand cottons that [I]were[/I] available at Joann’s.

One of the yarns that I ordered, “Recycled Cotton,” has [I]some[/I] “grab” to it. 74% recycled cotton, 24% acrylic, 2% other fiber (not wool!). It’s a “medium” (Class 4 weight), recommended for size 8 (5 mm) needles (dbl strand: prob. #11).

They have three or four others, but of the ones I’ve held in my own hands, this one might be the most helpful, if you can find a color that will work for you.


A lot of people do not like the LB Homespun for “exactly” the reasons you’ve mentioned – splitting, hard to knit with, etc…

What I’ve found to work better with that yarn is using it double with MUCH bigger needles. Maybe you could try using both the black and grey together with size 15 or 17 needles?!?!? I used 2 strands of Homespun together on a poncho for my daughter and it came out nice and thick!! AND it wouldn’t take you very long at all to knit up!!!

I think the grey and black would look nice together, and you could do the entire thing in Garter Stitch or use garter stitch for the borders with Stockinette in the middle


DCM- I may look into that if I end up ordering any yarns… I hate having to wait for yarn when I want to do a project so I usually don’t. And I’m not very happy with LBY right now. I think I’m going to go to a couple places around town and find something else.

BUT! knitcindy-- I think I’m going to do that too! That way I will have two things for him to choose from and the doubling up sounds good :slight_smile:

Glad I could help. For some reason, that LB Homespun works better with bigger needles!!

Be sure to post a picture when you’ve finished your mat!!!


I hate Homespun. I heard they’re discontinuing it. I hope so. If you can see the pattern with this yarn, here’s one I like. It’s called a twin rib. It looks like a rib stitch, looks the same on both sides, and lies flat with no curling or stretch. This is especially good for potholders, wash cloths, blankets, and scarves. It makes a nice pattern for men’s scarves. Men don’t like things that are girly.
Cast on a multiple of 3.
Row 1: (RS) k3, p3 across.
Row 2: (WS) k1, p1 across.
Repeat these two rows for pattern.

I don’t think they’re discontinuing Homespun, it’s a really big seller for Lion. I have heard they’re clearing out some colors of it though, at Michaels and other stores.

It’s not so bad to work with if you use a bigger needle and don’t tension it tight through your fingers.

The homespun just seems such poor quality! I would completely understand if they did discontinue it, but I don’t think they are either. When I went to Michaels yesterday to get new different yarn, there were four or five full rows of colors for Homespun alone.

I ended up getting the medium weight Vanna’s choice. But now I’m back to figuring out what to do for it. He really wants a black border for it but keeping it all in garter stitch looks better than the border being garter and the gray being stockinette. But I still don’t like it.

Might use fatoldladyinpjs recommendation with it and work out the add in of color. I’m this close (—) to doing it in the round so that I can do it all in stockinette but that would just create more problems with trying to add in the border and all that.

Doing it in the round would have a lot of problems as you say, and t would be too thick.


I guess I’m going to end up just doing it all in garter then… it’s an easier yarn to use though, so I might throw in a moss stitch or something

Double moss looks good - k2 p2 for 2 rows, then p2 k2 for 2 rows.

Here’s a blanket pattern, it may be okay for what you’re doing. I did a throw in similar yarn.