Homespun Blocks Afghan

I just listed this crocheted afghan in my Etsy shop… There are some pictures in that post and also a link to my shop in there too if you are interested in a finished afghan. Feel free to share the link with your friends too!


You do such lovely work. Someone should snatch that up quickly!

Lovely afghan!

I started making a Homespun afghan several years ago (yarn was from left over scarves that I crocheted for lots of people at work). Then I found out that Homespun doesn’t wash very well; that’s when I abandoned the idea of finishing the large afghan (I made half of it into a lapghan and gave the other half–in pieces–to the cat, who automatically goes into squishy mode whenever her feet touch it). I had all the squares done, too, and was just adding the connecting border around the squares! Sigh!!

Anyway, perhaps the person who buys it will be able to dry clean it. But you might want to let him or her know this at the time of purchase so it’s not ruined after the first wash.

Good suggestion! I will add a note to my listing. I have had a scarf that my MIL made for me over 10 years ago using Homespun yarn, and it still is as cozy as ever and looks like new even after lots of washings. This afghan is so heavy though that it might not be a good idea to put it into a home washing machine! I would hate to have something happen to someone’s machine! Perhaps a large washer at a laundromat would be a good idea!