Home again

We are home again and truth be told, wish we weren’t. Late winter is ugly around here but Hawaii is beautiful any time.

While the husband was off doing NFL stuff in Honolulu I had a cab ride to an amazing LYS in downtown Honolulu. It was in a high-rise office building and about the size of our linen panty. I couldn’t wait to see what sort of yarn Hawaii had. Amazingly she carried lots of wool. Seems the island kids become cold quickly when they head to the mainland for college and the moms get lots of, “I’m freezing!” calls and emails. The name of the shop is Isle Knits. When I called to make sure she was open, she told me she would stay there until I got there. What a sweetheart! She told me she understood about knitters having to do this sort of thing. I bought lots of sock yarn, bamboo yarn, and some patterns and needles that I just had to have :teehee:

Before we left I spent more time packing my carryon with my different knitting projects in it than I spent packing my clothes. I was worried about losing needles to the TSA. Before we sent our luggage off to the bag handlers I found a TSA agent and asked about my needles. He was kind, but you could tell I wasn’t the first knitter to worry him about this stuff. He reassured me that any and all knitting needles would be okayed. I tried to tell him about my wonderful Options with the pointy metal tips and he told me yet again that all my knitting was safe and by golly he was 100% right. No one ever looked twice at my stuff. No one except other knitters that is. Knitting in Public is not the way to be invisible, lol.

Welcome back! I never would have expected to find wool in Hawaii, either, but knitters are knitters, I guess!

lol Here’s how the conversation went in my head:

“Sir it’s great that you think my needles will be allowed but really … these are very sharp and pointy… seriously, I could kill someone. And I have all sorts of choices of cord length… you never know when I may need to strangle someone… are you SURE they will be allowed?”


Thanks for the welcome back guys, and Ingrid, thanks for joining me in the, “Why do you sell wool?” school of thought. Brendajos, that’s sort of how the conversation went. I guess the TSA isn’t too concerned about my “Lola” type. To the untrained eye I look just like Lion Brand yarn’s Lola, but in reality I am that lady that played Lora Croft, Tomb Raider.

Another knitting find, this time in Maui-the Whaler’s Village museum. They had an antique swift and antique knitting needles displayed in a lit glass case. They were made of baleen. Say what you will about fossil fuels, but if we hadn’t discoverd and refined them there wouldn’t be a whale left alive.