Holy Spirals, Batman!

So I’m knitting some leg warmers as a gift. I’ve always had problems with DPNs causing a gap in my work where the needles transition, even when tugging that stitch a little tighter. I remembered reading a tip somewhere to keep moving the transition and the gap won’t be as obvious so I tried moving it ahead 2 stitches each round. Wow, was that a bad idea! Now instead of a line-gap down my work I have very obvious spirals! I can’t be sure but it almost seems like this time I have the opposite problem: transition stitches are too tight rather than too loose. I’m wondering if I’m forced to rip it all back or if it should fix itself when I wash, stretch and block?? PLEASE say it’ll fix itself!!!

You can pull the transitions sts too tightly. The idea is just to give a slight tug to the yarn at the gap. Same with moving the sts over each round.
Actually, I kind of like the spiral pattern that you have going but I think it’ll probably even out in the wash. Certainly the gaps will become less obvious. If the tight sts are just one or two per row, they should be ok too.

LOL! Yeah, I wouldn’t mind the spirals so much if I had known they were coming and placed them evenly. But because I didn’t know they would show up I didn’t worry about getting them exactly even and they’re off in a few places. The legwarmers are for my 7 year old, so I guess I’ll just keep going and hope they disappear when I block them. If not, I doubt she’ll know the difference :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes. The pattern at the top is one of the lovliest I’ve seen.

I think they’ll even out enough that it will only be noticeable by you. But then again, don’t we notice [I]every [/I]irregularity as other people are ooohing and aahing over their gifts?:teehee:

Those are beautiful leg warmers and I like the effect. My suggestion: Decide you like them the way they are and they they will almost certainly go away with washing or blocking. LOL

Not that I think circular needeles are better, but have you tried them for knitting in the round? I’m just curious, mainly, to know if you find it more or less difficult to deal with those pesky looser stitches. I’m not good enough with dpns to be able to tell is it is easier or not for me.