Holy Mother of Yardsales!

Post your yardsale treasure finds here!!

I founda box of yarn stash and KNITTING NEEDLES… pairs and pairs of 'em! 3 or 4 circulars too! larger sized DPNs (SETS!) and some really thin flexible type needles… dunno if they’re supposed to be that way or if they’re cheap. And yarn bobbins! and in the bottom, cross stitch hoops. (!?..i’ll have to find someone to give them too)

i tossed the singles and ugly, but i still have a box o’goodies!

PS, i don’t know what’s wool and what’s not. :S I have ONE pure virgin wool, and i thought “ooh yah, felting here I come…” but the rest of them didn’t have labels.::frowning: I figure since they’re all flourescenty type colours, they’re probably acrylic. Oh ya, and there were some Lopi balls in there too.


If you want to find out if something is wool, try felting a join. Amy has a video for it.

Awesome is right!!

And I’ll take any singletons! I can pay your postage - this goes for anyone out there (also can do commission stuff too!)

lucky! :happydance:

You lucky dawg, you! :thumbsup:

another way to find out what’s wool and what’s not-- DO THIS OVER A SINK!!

take a small piece from the yarn in question and hold a flame (match or lighter) to the end— If it melts, it’s a acrylic; if it catches fire, it’s cotton; and if it just kinda smolders, it’s wool.

I cannot stress enough that you must do this over the sink or outside. The last thing you would want to do is set your home on fire.



I will do it over the sink!

PS again, i FINALLY saw one of those interchangeables -boye-at michaels today… hah. not likely in th enear future for me! hEck, I’m just gonna work on the dozens of patterns i’ve collected with all th eneedles I collected…I"ll decide on the interchangeables later. :slight_smile:

Re: Singles–i have a hefty handful of dpns that someone found in our tenants closet. I’m sure I"ll keep…oh… 5 or so… but otherwise they’re jus tsitting here. Where are you?

Hey Elly (and anyone with extras they want to get rid of!) - email me at carol@taraknit.com, or pm me!

(elly, I pm-ed you with more info!)


When I first started, I snapped SEVERAL needles (can you say “tight knitter”?) and unfortunately I THREW the other one out, darnit! If I do it again, will definitely save the extras for you!

Also have you checked ebay? Sometimes there are entire lots with singles available!