Holy Moly what does this mean? Yikes

(p1,k1,p1) all into next stitch, turn and k3,turn and p3, then lift 2nd and 3rd sts over first st to form door knob

This is what I am making and it is row 11.


It’s like a bobble and they’re tricky. First you knit 3 into one st (okay, purl, knit and purl) then turn your work around to the other side and knit those 3, turn back to the first side and purl the 3 sts, then pass the 2nd and 3rd sts (from the end on your right needle) over the 1st st.

As usual suzeeq you are a great help. I now understand most of this. It is only this part I don’t get;

“then pass the 2nd and 3rd sts (from the end on your right needle) over the 1st st.”

Hmmm wait, I might understand it. I’m going to give it a try Crossed Fingers

LOL…maybe I don’t understand. :slight_smile:

When I (p,k,p) in one stitch do i leave that stitch on my left needle or slip it off before turning work over to knit the three stitches I just made in the one stitch?

And then when I knit those three stitches I just made do I move those stitch off the needle.

LOL…OMG I am so confused and confuzzled

Suzeeq :muah: :muah: :muah:

I did it !!! :happydance:

Thank you

Leave the st on the left needle while you pkp into it, then drop the single st off, but you have the 3 sts on the right needle. Then turn and knit the 3 sts from the left to the right needle. Then turn and purl the 3 sts from the left to right needle, and lift the 2nd and 3rd st over the st on the end of it.

Every time you turn, you swap the hands your needle holds. Just pretend you’ve done a full row where the just knit sts would be in your right hand, and you swap it to your left so you can knit back over them. You’re just doing it over 3 sts instead of the full row.

Here is a video on bobbles:


When I try something new I always like to check to make sure that I really did it correctly :slight_smile:

I like bobbles, but never really find a project that uses them - I have boys and usually the the patterns with bobbles are more girly.

Have fun!