Holy FO, Batman!

Hildie has FOs!!!

Mom’s froggy clogs (I hope she doesn’t log in before Christmsas–I mean, I hope she DOES< but I hope she ignores this!) in WOTA mulled wine and hollyberry. I had a clog crisis but I fixed it, and you can’t even tell what the crisi was by the picture (so if you want to know, read my blog!)

The clogs were ALSO made with cat hair and tissue lint, from the towel and jeans (respectively) I threw in to help them felt. ROCK ON! :rollseyes:

The marsupial-inspired tote–in lamb’s pride super chunky (or whatever it’s called) in “strawberry fields”. I took the basic idea of the SNB pattern (flat bottom, PU around edges, RT at corners), and about halfway up I started decreasing right before the RTs, and it made the bad round/bubbly shaped. this was for my secret santa at school (yes, it WAS still damp when I gave it to her!!!) and she LOVED it! It was definitly THE gift of the secret santa swap :cheering:

** edit: removed a big ole picture of the bag. Wil try to make it smaller.
I have a scrunchable scarf FO but DH keeps WEARING IT (the nerve!) so I can’t take a picture yet!!!

OMG, Hildie- those are the coolest clogs I’ve ever seen!!! :shock:

I wish I could take a class in embellishing!! What a great gift. :cheering:

The bag is beautiful, too!

I fixed your bag pic. :heart:

THEY LOOK AWESOMMMMMMME!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: You HAVE to do a needle felting class for chix with stix. Im gonna show Dana yoru pics tonight. HONESTLY. SOOO cool!

:cheering: :cheering: Very cool!!

Love EVERYTHING :cheering: :heart: :cheering: :heart:

[color=blue]Frogs! I love frogs… great job Hildie! :cheering:

southern maine

Those are great, Hilde!! I’d better not let DD see them, or she might sneak out and swipe them from under your tree!!!

Did you see the embellished clog samples @ Wool & Co.? They had frogs, bunnies and SNAKES! Oh my!

I :heart: :heart: :heart: the froggies!!! Everything looks scrumptious!

overachiever (jk)–I’m just jealous! All of it’s awesome! love the froggie-cloggies…:slight_smile:

:inlove: very cute, Hild!!! :cheering:

wow - were those clogs hard??

my boyfriend’s mother LOVES frogs and i think she’d really like something like that.

OMG! The frogs totally ROCK! I think they are absolutely the BESTEST most FABULICIOUS clogs I have ever seen!

:happydance: those look wonderful I love the colors and the frogs are cute! :thumbsup:

Love the bag, love the frogs…

Kinda cool that there are frogs on a knitted clog… :wink: get it??? :wink:

I love that bag! And the clogs…and the title of the post! :inlove:


so cool! I love the frogs and that bag is gorgeous! :heart: :heart:

OMGosh, Tia! I can’t believe the rest of us jokesters didn’t make that connection! How embarrassing!

I love the froggiiieeees. I want to make some now that I see you can put a pattern on them! gasps

Awesome FOs! I wanna needle felt so baad