Holy disaster


,Hi guys,

I really need some help with this one! My fiancé has split his favourite cardigan and I haven’t got a clue how to sort it out. I’ve been sat here for an hour and a half and nothing I do is working!

It doesn’t help, as you can see, that the hole is diagonal rather than in a nice neat line, but obvously that would be too easy!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! !


Oh, gosh, what a shame. You’ve made a good start at picking up the loose sts. Make sure you have all of them and maybe transfer them to another needle so you can check the orientation of each.
This is the best technique and video I’ve seen and it may well work for even the diagonal cut. I’m assuming there are no rows missing and it’ll just be a matter of connecting the top and bottom sts with a row of new ones.


This has been great, thank you salmonmac!
I made an attempt at this yesterday but didn’t used a contrasting yarn so I got a bit muddled up! But practice makes perfect and I think I am now well on my way to fixing the cardigan!

Thanks again!