Holy crapette!

Isn’t thisa thing of beauty??? I have a white loveseat in my living room and this would be perfect stretched over the back…except that my kittens would have it destroyed in no time flat.

OK, I give up! I finally signed up for ravelry. :slight_smile: Meanwhile, I can’t see whatever you’re linking to :pout:

try this. it is lovely

Holy moly, that is really incredible! Jints, thanks for the alternate link! :slight_smile:

My apologies! I don’t know why I assume everyone is a Ravelry member. Somebody throw a brick at me. :roflhard:

Thank you, Jints, for posting an alternate link. :muah:

LOL don’t apologize! :slight_smile: I think everyone but me is a ravelry member! :slight_smile:

That is LOVELY!!!

Now that’s gorgeous and such a tedious piece! What patience she must have… it is a thing of beauty! :mrgreen: