Holy crap!

Ok, I bought this book from Amazon about a year or two ago for $30, maybe a little less. NOW it’s selling for (the cheapest) $244.00.

If I wasn’t the knit obsessed person I am, I’d sell my copy, but there is no way I’d part with this book! It’s a great one. But Holy Moly! I can’t believe a knitting book that was published in 1989 goes for $244 used. The most expensive copy is $305.40.

Obviously someone is trying to cash in on the fact that it’s maybe no longer in print or out of stock. I hate that. Very few if ANY books are worth that much money, [I]especially[/I] a paperback book!

Man oh Man, even in Europe it’s expensive. The cheapest I’ve found it for is 153.00.

Geeezzzz. Glad I bought it when I did. I mean it is a very good book.

that must be soooome knitting book. and I lOOVE knitting! but i don’t a $300 book? think about all the yarn i could buy?

Seems a bit much for a book. I guess there really is a sucker born every minute.

WOW! I’ve seen other books (knitting and other subjects) be priced like that too- way out of proportion! I have a book called Knitting in the Old Way that is an example. It wasn’t available except for a really ridiculous price, but a few months down the line I was able to get it newly published and for a fair price. That’s happened on a couple of books I’ve bought!

:noway: Wow, that’s amazing. I can’t imagine paying that much for a book, a Paperback book!

I have an Alice Starmore book that’s listed for $600 on Amazon! I’m taking better care of it now. :teehee:


This is making me think I should check out what some of my old knitting books are for sale for.:teehee:

lol, this is making me wish I HAD some old knitting books. Hmm…selling old knitting books = yarn $$ !! :thumbsup:

Hi Letah75,

how you doing ?

i like that book alot…i got it from the library it a treasure book got so much leaves granny square and many other cool stuff… they are a gem once the publisher no long produce them…

glad that you owe a treasure :thumbsup:

Gulp! :thud:

You’re right - HOLY CRAP! Hey - book collecting is a hobby for some people - that’s exactly why - once they’re out of print - they are hard to get ahold of.
I actually have a Disney cross stitch book that goes for quite a bit of money as well. Don’t understand it myself & I wouldn’t pay those prices - but there are people who will -
You can always copy the patterns & then sell the book - profit!

Wow- looks like a great book to own. My mom prices rare books and it’s incredible what some of them are worth. A lot of them are just donated as part of an estate by families who have no idea what they’re worth. There are thousands of dollars worth of books in their departed family member’s collection and they have no idea. This is probably where my book obsession came from.