Holy cow, mmmMalabrigo sale

ack, Malabrigo for $7.65

:shock: :shock: :shock:


where did I put that visa card…

You evil, evil, lady!

They’re going to hold you responsible for breaking their site! :teehee:

[size=2]I just ordered. [/size] :oops:

I am more excited that they have the Bee Stripe sock yarn that I have been wanting forevah and it was on sale! uuuh… and the melilla malabrigo that i was coveting on another site but it was in lace weight which i didn’t want.

yeah i haven’t had enough yarn come into the house lately…send me more. :roll:

Just ordered, too!

Wow. three skeins for 22 bucks. :slight_smile:

my first thought “oh you did not just say that” :!!!:

malabrigo is my biggest weakness :passedout:

Why did I look ? :wall:
Why do I do this to myself? :wall:

My credit card needs a rest… must resist… :wall:

Ooh darn I left my credit card at home!

:rofl: I didn’t get any malabrigo but found some sock yarn on sale :happydance:

I really got to stop reading the Forums about sales…

nah…I just can’t pass up a bargain…and the chance to order MMMMMMmalabrigo for the first time! :cheering:


They have paypal…:teehee:

They have paypal…:teehee:[/quote]

Gee thanks…

Lunch or malabrigo??? hmmm it’s just sooooo tempting…

I hate to ask, but what’s the big deal about malabrigo? :shrug:

Of course, I’ve never seen any before in real life, but is it soft or something?

:?? Humm, tough choice…lunch, yarn, lunch, yarn…yarn on sale, lunch, yarn on sale, lunch…still a touch choice.

They have paypal…:teehee:[/quote]

Gee thanks…

Lunch or malabrigo??? hmmm it’s just sooooo tempting…[/quote]

Alright I caved… looks like it’s PB&J for the next week! But at least I have some pretty yarn! :passedout:

It’s very soft and pretty to look at. :teehee:

:thud: i just did damage. 3 hanks of mmmm and some lorna’s sock yarn. there really is no hope for me. sigh

Luvs to Knit… I just noticed you are in San Jose,CA. I used to work there (many different areas).

yaaaaarn… must… buy… yaaaaarn :drool:

Never seen it, never tried it…

Cant buy yarn anyway…I just made a BIG order last week. :roflhard:

Well, I’ve heard about it so much from you guys that I went ahead and ordered. :happydance: