Holy Carp I knit a sweater

First one.

Some sweater virgin mistakes. "Won’t be gifted, I’ll make a perfect one the next time I need a baby sweater, but I love it!!

Yeah! :cheering: I think it looks terrific!

I don’t see any goofs! It looks great! Is it the Quickie Baby Sweater?

that is so sweet!! what a lucky baby to get to wear that sweater. Good job on the knitting. It looks kind of complicated to me.

Looks like a sweater, fits like a sweater–you made a sweater!! :cheering:

It looks wonderful, you did a great job!

I love it! :heart: So cute! I’d love to know what pattern you used too. Thanks!

great job…I keep waiting for someone to have a baby so I can knit that sweater!! Three girls at my church are pregnant (and are all three sisters…), they are due in October, November, and December (weird, huh?) so I figure that if any of them are going to have a girl, I’ll make one for them. (My luck they’ll all three have girls!!)

Anyway–I love it and can’t see the mistakes!

I think it looks great!

:smiley: I think it looks wonderful…great job :smiley:

:cheering: Congrats! It looks great.

That looks awesome! great job!

Cute~ Nice job!!

It looks great!!! I have made a couple of those myself, they are super quick!! :thumbsup:


Very pretty! You did a great job!

So pretty! Anyone would be lucky to get it as a gift.