Holiday Knitted Gifts

I couldn’t post any of these before the holidays cause I was finishing them right up to the moment I had to wrap them. Nothing like last minute knitting. LOL… Anyway, I wanted to share with all of you my finished objects.

A HUGE special thanks to all of you who helped me with my math and various other questions in respect to the guitar strap I made for my brother. He LOVED it!

Fantastic job on both! Your brother does look happy with his strap. Wonderful idea! I love the coffee cup holder on the left of the picture. You are a very talented woman!!!

They look great!! Was there a pattern for the gituar strap? I’d love to make one for my son!

No, there wasn’t a pattern I used for this. I looked up every free knitted guitar strap I could to get a rough estimate of how they did it, but in the end, none of them were what I wanted so I created this one on my own.

Niiiiccceeee. Real nice!!

They look great and yes your brother does look very happy with his gift.

Such a great idea for the guitar strap! I would never have thought of it. Great work on all of them.

Great job on both! Your brother looks beyond happy!

Brilliant Guitar Strap:)

Great job on both!! The guitar strap was a very unique gift - he sure looks happy about it! :slight_smile:

Love the guitar strap! Obviously, he does too. Very nice gifts!

Very nice, what a great idea!

:happydance: You did a great job on both of them!

:muah: Thank you all for your sweet comments. I actually spoke with my SIL yesterday and apparently my brother has been showing his guitar strap off to his friends. LOL… I’ve had knitted gifts “bomb” before, but not these!

Happy knitting…