Holiday Knits - Poncho help!

Hello! I’m trying to make the Mother/Daughter Poncho from Holiday Knits. I guess I’m just not understanding the pattern right from the start because my stitches don’t add up. :??

The pattern calls for a special pattern to be knit over 18 stitches. My problem is that it’s not really over 18 stitches - it’s actually over 20. So, if I repeat the pattern 3 times on the row, like it tells me to, I end up doing the pattern for 20 stitches, another 20 stitches, and I’m left with 14. Six short to complete the pattern.

Has anyone else tried this pattern before? :shrug: Did you have to make adjustments?

Thank you!

Are there border stitches that aren’t part of the 18 st pattern? You would do them once at the beginning, then start the pattern repeats and should end up with the same number at the end of the row.