Holiday Issue of IK

When looking for the spring issue on the Interweave site for the other thread… I noticed that the previewfor Holiday issue is up…:happydance:

Wow, I’m gonna have to get that issue. There are quite a lot of patterns in there I really like. :thumbsup:

Yep, I’m ‘specially likin’ that ski sweater. And the stocking is just what I was looking for!

Thanks for the link! I especially love all the sock patterns in this new issue. I think a trip to the bookstore is in order:woohoo:

Does anyone know if this issue is included in our subscription or is it a special issue?



omg…the teddybear is sooooo cute too!

Yeah, baby!!! My fave knitting mag, too! And look at the Annetrelac Socks, using Anne Schaeffer and I just happen to have some on hand…oh yeah!!!

Great issue! Those garter mug warmers are cool!
thanks for sharing!!

wow! I am excited!

You get this one with your subscription, right? I’m stoked!

stops cursing stupid site blocking at work

I am not 100% positive about this but I don’t think that the holiday issues do come with the subscription. I think it should be listed on the site there if it does but I can’t get in to look until I get home. Hopefully I am wrong on that but something sticks out in my head (maybe from last year’s issue) that it doesn’t come with.


Oh poo if i does not come with my subscription. this is my first year with it. with my vogue knitting you get the holiday issue with the subscription. so i do hope so.

yeah, your right brendajos…this is what they have on their website…

[COLOR=#cc0000][B]NOTE:[/B] Subscribers to [I]Interweave Knits[/I] won’t automatically receive this special issue. Please look for this special issue at yarn shops and on newsstands, or order your copy online. [/COLOR]

eh… not much i like. i do think the stocking is pretty, and i like the december lights tam. the puppet is fun .not so much the rest. i might pick this up afer the holidays. :wink:

Oooh, pretty!
Definitely one I will need to get; I see a lot of things I would like to do in this one :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Gotta have it!
I wonder if our BX will get it or if they don’t get the special issues… maybe I should just order it online???

BECCA… I’ve never seen it available at our BX… so, I’m going to wait about 3 weeks and SEE IF MAYBE it might be available (?) and then if I don’t see it by the end of OCT- I think I’ll just order it on-line. I had to order the holiday one last year.

Let me know if you do get it at your BX.

Grrr…then why have a subscription if you don’t get all the issues?! I live 4 hours from the nearest place that carries IK, and I doubt that they would even have the special issues. Grrrr…

I was excited because I was at our County Fair, and guess what I saw sitting on a table for sale?! Yup! I’ve got a copy in my hot little hands! It helped make up for the fact that the vendor I was planning on buying yarn from wasn’t there today.


I picked up the last copy at my lys today. They had six when I was there on Monday. Glad I was meeting momwolf there today or I would have missed out.