Holey Moley!

Watch it to the end!!!

thats amazing to watch. im so amazed by artists… painters especially. how do they know what to put where?

Wow! :passedout:

I was sent that the other day. Rolf Harris started that years ago and now it’s developing into an art form. It’s great that he used the rotating wheel. My ONLY small critique was that I thought at one time…like…get on with it! LOL But amazing to see what he created. Good for him

The patriotic one is pretty cool too…and shorter :slight_smile:


that fantastic ! they have unique genius !


That was amazing!! :cheering::cheering::cheering::cheering:

My DH is an artist… and I gotta say that is one way to describe him. :roflhard: He also paints sitting on a stool in front of an easel…he’s not so much into the performance art thing. :wink:

That was fabulous! Thanks for sharing it!

:passedout:That was great! Thanks for posting it!!!