Holey Cowls!

I made this neck warmer for a friend. She loved it (at least I think she did–it was 110 degrees when I gave it to her, and it’s not easy to be enthusiastic about winter clothing in that kind of heat).

And I’m almost finished with this one–just need to add buttons and weave in the ends.

Thanks for looking!

I like it! Is this your own pattern design, or did you find it elsewhere?

Perfect for the cold weather! Both are very good looking and well done.

Oh, I should have included that info. Thanks for asking.

I used lace patterns from the Harmony Guides [I]Lace & Eyelets: 250 Stitches to Knit[/I] (published by Interweave Press).

Here’s what I did:

I knit these lengthwise, by the way (I figured it wouldn’t really matter with the patterns I was using–besides, who says all the patterns have to run vertical anyway?).

I knitted 2 rows to start off. Then for the body of the cowl, I did 2 knit stitches every row at the edge (for border), the lace pattern, and 2 knit stitches every row again at the edge. Finally, I ended with 2 more rows of knitting.

Then I sewed the buttons on one end and crocheted loops on the other (although I suppose that could have been knitted, too).

All in all, these are an easy knit: They take a lot less time than a scarf (I estimated about 17-18 inches per cowl), and they’re really fun to work and easy to transport.

The great thing is that you can make these with any pattern (as long as the pattern repeats aren’t too wide for the cowl you have in mind).

They are both lovely.

oh, I could so use a neck warmer right now :slight_smile: it’s cold and rainy outside and they look very cozy and pretty. I like the colours too.

Wow! These cowls are just beautiful! Nice texture, great colors!

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. You make me feel as though I really REALLY accomplished something spectacular.

Confession time: These were an easy knit. HOWEVER, it’s nice to be able to make something that’s easy but looks nice, yes?