Holes with w&t when knitting in the round?

Help! I’m working on some felted mittens (from Beverly Galeska’s “Felted Knits” book; I’ve encountered the same problem in Fiber Trends’ felted fish pattern). These patterns employ short rows (“wrap and turn”) to introduce a nice curvature. I’m supposed to knit part of a round, wrap and turn, purl part of a round (not as far as the first wrap), wrap and turn a second time, and then continue knitting around. The only problem is that I keep ending up with holes.

The lovely “knitting help” video on this website has shown me how to pick up the wraps so that I no longer have holes when I’m doing short rows on flat pieces. (Infinitely better than the terse descriptions of “pick up the wrap” in any of my knitting books). When I’m working in the round, the same technique also works beautifully on one set of wraps (the first wrap I make - the one that has the wrap on the L side of the stitch). The problem is with the second wrap that I make. Because I’m working the mittens in the round, I also encounter this wrap on the knit side, not on the purl side - but the wrap is on the R side of the stitch, not on the left side. Try as I may to pick up this wrap “correctly” (or by experimentation), I keep ending up with holes at this point.

Any suggestions would be received with great gratitude, not only by me, but by my whole family, who are tired of having me snarl at anyone in my general vicinity when I can’t figure it out. It’s not a huge issue as I can darn the holes before I felt the mittens, but that’s such a nuisance, especially as I know some of you wizards must have a solution for me.

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You may find the second post of this thread helpful.


That looks EXACTLY what I needed. Many, many thanks.

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Hey Jane,

Thanks for that reminder. I printed it out this time!