Holes where cables twist

Hi all,

I’m starting this sweater, and in my swatch I noticed that there are holes where the cables twist. Any tips on avoiding this? It’s difficult to get even tension because the yarn has some stretch to it. It’s not noticeable when the swatch is stretched width-wise, but stretched length-wise it is. Here’s a picture:

I don’t think you can avoid it completely, since there is a point where the yarn is stretched out to cross. When I knit the first stitch from the cable needle, I try to pull it up so the needles touch before I wrap and keep them really close as I pull the yarn through the loop.

Thanks Ingrid. I did try to keep the needles as close as possible, so I guess it’ll have to do!

Try blocking your sample - you might see those holes close up somewhat.

Good idea, MrsBear! Thanks. I’ve never blocked swatches but this may be a good occasion to do so. :smiley:

The picture that you posted…are you stretching the cables apart at all?? I’ve found that though you do get those holes when doing cables, that because cables kind of act like ribbing (they pull together) it tends to cover up the holes in the end.

Yeah, I am stretching it. It doesn’t show the holes when the swatch is sitting normally, but I was concerned since the yarn has elastic in it and would be a little stretched out when worn. But I think it will stretch horizontally rather than vertically, anyway.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys!