Holes on purl side short rows

Hi guys!
I’ve been knitting socks using short row heels recently. I’ve knitted a handful of practice heels and a pair of socks but I keep running into the same problems. One being that I get holes on the purl side of the heel, and two being I get holes at the instep and heel joining when I work back in the round. I’ve used wrap and turn method and the knit two together and make one method. Does anyone know how I can avoid making these holes? Thank you!

I wonder if you’re possibly wrapping the stitch too tightly on the purl rows? I’ve gone over to German short rows keeping shadow wraps in mind as an alternative.

I close up the holes that tend to form at the heel/instep join by picking up an extra stitch along the heel flap then working 2sts together where the hole might otherwise form.