Holes in toes of toe up socks

Ok here’s my problem; I’m using the magic loop method and doing the toe up socks just like in the book " the magic loop" and doing toe up socks you have to increase with a m1r and a m1l, well I think it’s my m1l that’s causing the problem and that is holes in my toes! How do I correct that? Can I correct that?
the m1l is suposed to be inserting the left needle, from front to back, under the horizontal strand between last st worked and next st on left needle forming a loop, then knit throught the back of this loop. Well crap I think I just solved my problem :wall:
So if I put that loop back on the left needle and knit through it there wouldn’t be a hole? b/c I was just knitting that loop like I was doing on the m1r and I don’t have any holes on my m1r and I wasn’t slipping the loop onto the left needle and knitting with the left. confused yet? I am.

The important thing for avoiding a hole in M1 is to knit into the correct part of the “stitch” you pick up. So if you pick up from the front, you have to knit into the back of the loop; if you pick up from the back, you have to knit into the front. Basically, whichever way it’s more difficult to get your needle in and knit is the way you have to go!

thank you, I’ll try that

That’s a good way of putting it. especially the part about it being more difficult.

By doing this, you’re twisting the loop you’re picking up and it closes the hole that you would have been creating.

Very good thread. I spent last night working on my first toe up sock and trying different ways of doing this. The toes look quite interesting. :teehee: The mate will look a little better. :wink: