Holes in the gussets

Well I thought I knew how to avoid this problem and maybe practice is the key but I still get those damn holes (albeit little) at the corners of the gussets. I did pick up and knit the stitches at either end of the #2 needle and that did help some. I’ve already frogged once. What do you experienced sock knitters do to avoid this problem? What do you do to "seal’ the hole once it has happened? Finally, does this happen with magic loop or two circulars? :??

I find that I don’t get the gusset holes with 2 circs, but, I also pu 2 extra sts @ the gusset & put one on the instep needle & one on the gusset needle, when I come back on the next round I ktbl of all gusset sts and k2togtbl on the sts where I just pu @ the gusset (both on the gusset needle & the instep needle) :wink: But, you hit the nail on the head when u said practice, that is the key, since we all knit differently I think we all find a method that works best for each individual. And, 9 out of 10 times those little gusset holes will go away with wear & washing :wink: I’ve also done a bit of duplicate st over big holes that I used to get in gussets before I found my method of getting rid of the gusset hole :wink:

I suppose I should explain how I do the pu sts @ the needle change! I do a M1 @ the end of the gusset needle/then on the instep needle :wink:

I was hoping you would see this and was just about to pm you to ask you to take a look! Thanks so much. :smiley:

:wink: u bet