Holes in my Garter Stitch!

I’m not sure what I’m doing…but every once in a while…maybe every 10 or 15 rows or so…I’ll have a “hole” in my garter stitch. There’s NO loop sticking out as if I’ve dropped a stitch…but there is a definite hole and I can’t figure out why. When I look at the stitches, it definitely looks like one stitch is “missing”. I cannot figure out what I’m doing to cause this. I’m not sure how to post a picture, and anyway, I frogged back and re-knit the place with the hole.

Any ideas???


Could it be when you are setting down your knitting, you are picking it up with the working thread on the wrong needle?

That was my first guess, too. Or you could have accidentally knit into the stitch below. Were you ending up with the same number of stitches?

I’m not sure what you mean by having the working thread on the wrong needle…you mean like I slipped a stitch accidentally? I’m a visual person so a picture would help a LOT at times like these. ‘:??’

Ingrid, it’s possible I could have knit into the stitch below. My 6yo chatterbox was watching me part of the time and talking away, so I was a bit distracted. I did have the same number of stitches on my needle.

Another thing…when I was knitting, I came to a stitch that was lying diagonally across the needle…it was going from the right front to the left back…I don’t know if that’s what happened with the “holes” that appeared or not, but when I noticed this I also frogged back and corrected it.

I have to admit that my 6yo is full of so many funny stories that maybe I should try to knit when he’s not talking to me, OR just put my knitting down and listen to him, and pick it up later.


Sometimes when a person is knitting, they put down their work and when they pick it up, inadvertently start knitting with the working yarn on the left needle rather than the right, so essentially start knitting in the other direction. That leaves a hole.

Also, if you don’t slide the stitch off all the way it looks like a weird stitch that gets knit sometimes. If the yarn is in the wrong position–in the front for a knit, for example, you get a hole and an extra stitch.

There are all kinds of things that can go wrong, so a chatterbox can definitely be the culprit! :wink:

I suppose anything’s possible, but I honestly don’t think I started knitting the wrong way. I know I did that when I first began knitting, and noticed something funky going on. My knitting friend showed me what I’d done.

Since I’m doing garter stitch, the working yarn is ALWAYS in the back, and I don’t think I got that mixed up. I’m thinking I did something else weird. I could have knit into the stitch below, or maybe didn’t slide the stitch completely off the needle as you suggested.

If it happens again, maybe I’ll attempt posting a picture, which I’ve never done before.

Thanks for your ideas…I’ll try to be more attentive and see if I can figure out what’s happening if the problem comes up again. My 6yo son is VERY intrigued by my knitting, and wants me to teach him. THAT would be interesting. :lol:

Happy knitting!