Holes in my cables!?

Help! I’m making this hat, and there are really large holes underneath my cables!

And it’s not like I’m stretching the sts - - you can see the holes just by looking up at the hat! What on EARTH am I doing wrong??

The holes are normal. It just comes with the territory of making cables. They’re probably bigger bc you are using bigger needles. No need to worry. :slight_smile:

That’s norma land after you knit a few more rows they won’t look so large. After you wash or block it when you’re done, they’ll even out a little.

Thanks guys. You’re right. I was really panicking there for a minute! But I just went ahead and did another repeat and the holes got a lot smaller.

But be prepared for another moment/possible post of panic when I try to start decreasing the cables. lol

Should have done a cable SCARF first! :doh:

I’m new here in the forum but have been a member now for about 3 years. I also started doing cables recently, and found that if I knit in the back of the first and last stitch of the twisted set, I have less of a gap. Give it a try. :hug:

Interesting idea. I’ll have to try that.
I normally knit loosely and so I also don’t try to pull the sts that are knit off the left hand needle too close to the sts on the right hand needle before working the sts off the cable needle.
Cool Wool, the decrease instructions look well-written but come back if they give you trouble. All the hats you linked to are adorable.

I’m knitting a cable hat myself, I’ve played with it some today, and also found that after I have picked up my stitches and put them on the cable needle, instead of knitting off the cable needle, I transfer then back to my left needle then knit… I’ve noticed that this also helps with the yarn stretching out too much and leaving a hole.