Holes in my cables, help

Hey guys, I am hoping someone can help me. I am making my first sweater with this pattern

The cable has a crossing that is c12b, c12b, so that is 2 large cables in a row in bulky yarn. When I knit this crossing I get a gap between them, it is only truly noticeable when stretched, but I am worried that when I block it that they will show up more. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a solution? Thanks in advance!

This is it unstreatched

I don’t think there’s anything really wrong. The stitches are going in opposite directions at that point under tension from the cable, so they’ll separate like that. I don’t think blocking will make it worse since the cables pull in on themselves as they do when it’s not being stretched now.

I just finished my first cabled piece and found I was having the same problem. But I “fixed” it [the hole didn’t show up anywhere near as much] by making sure that the stitches where the hole would be were pulled [I][B]really[/B][/I] tight. Once it’s off the needle, that stitch will loosen up so it didn’t throw off the pattern, but was still tight enough that no noticeable hole showed up when stretched.