Holes in my cabled knitting?

I am knitting Silver’s reversible cabled scarf (Palindrome) and this is my first time with cables. For some reason, I am getting holes in my knitting as if I dropped a stitch, but I didn’t. These holes seem to show up after I have crossed my cables (the last stitch of the cable).

I will tell you that I am confused about the way I should be slipping the stitches. Should I slip the knit stitches as if to knit and the purl stitches as if to purl? Or slip all the stitches one way? I’ve watched Amy’s video and I think I am twisting them the correct way.

I’ve also got issues with my yarn, but that is another post entirely!

Please help me! :waah:

Don’t cry, that’s normal for cables. It’s because of the crossover and knitting tighter will make it worse. After several more rows it won’t be as obvious, and blocking or washing when you’re done will even them out. Slip the stitches going the same direction they were on the left needle.

Suzeeq, you are so fast and awesome and totally my knitting guru. Wish I could fit you in my pocket because I am always having problems with knitting. Lucky for you guys, I don’t post about most of them! :rofl: :frog:

Being fast is all in the timing… :wink: