Holes in knitting?

I am a newbie and I am attempting to knit a scarf. I have a pattern that includes some increases and decreases (increase 1 by knitting and purling in same stitch 2x) and then k2tog and ssk decreases (at least I think these ones are decreases?? :?? )

Anyhow, I am about 30 rows into my scarf now, and I am noticing little holes that I could poke the tip of my finger through if I wanted. Is this something I’m doing wrong (too loose stitches maybe)?? The seem to be in the places where I am doing my increases I think. It’s hard to tell too because I’m using this really fluffy yarn so I can’t really see the stitches either.

Anyhow, sorry for the long post, any help anyone could give me would be awesome!!

TIA! :smiley:


I imagine the only reason for the increases and decreases in the pattern is to form a decorative stitch pattern that includes some holeyness. If they are regularly spaced, then its part of the design or the nature of the yarn doing those stitches. As long as you’re keeping the same number of stitches on the needle, total, and you’re sure your doing the stitches correctly, then the holes probably should be there. It could be, too, that if you were doing the same pattern on smaller needles and thinner yarn, you wouldn’t get holes. Hard to say for sure.

Thanks! Yes they do seem evenly spaced so maybe it’s just the way it’s gonna be!