Holes in Hat?

Hey everyone! I’m trying to make this hat: http://www.knitforpeace.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/The_Able_Cable_Hat.pdf but every time I k1tbl into the yo from the previous row I end up with holes. There are so many of them that my hat is looking like the moths got to it first. Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

There’s going to be a little hole on every one of those, because a yarn over does leave one, even though knitting through the back loop should keep it small. Doing a tighter wrap on your yarn over might help. If it still bothers you, you could lave out the yarn-overs and do a m1 increase on the next row instead–there’ll still be a tiny hole, but it’ll be smaller.

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Oh, I hadn’t thought about switching the yo for a m1, that’s a great idea. Thank you!